#36. Police & Army
Police & Army(警察・軍隊)警察官あるいは警察機構、刑務所、


36-51 A policeman's wife
policeman sent his wife and child to a sea resort for a vacation.
After a week he joined them in the hotel.
As soon as he came to the hotel room he wanted to make love with his wife.
"No darling, we can't do it here, what if the kid wakes up?"
"You are right, let's go to the beach."
They went to the empty beach and start to make love.
All of a sudden, a policeman ran into them.
"Put your cloths on immediately, shame on you, you can't do that in public."
"You are right", said the husband, "but it was a moment of weakness. We didn't see each other for a week. By the way, I am a policeman too and it would be very embarrassing if you fine me."
"Don't worry, you are a colleague and it is your first time. But this is the third time I caught this bitch making love on this beach in the last week and she will have to pay for it."